A portfolio of productivity and management tools for business, home and community life.

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Project Ally is a FileMaker┬« Pro template designed for by Architects for Architects. The genesis of Project Ally began in 1994 as a marketing database to streamline job development. Project Ally has evolved into a full featured project management tool that continues to keep job development always top of mind.  Project Ally helps you get the job... and then get the job done!


Membership Keeper is a FileMaker┬« Pro template created by a PTA mom that is a must-have tool for group leaders. Membership Keeper has been constantly fine-tuned since 2004 for helping leaders feel empowered by the ease-of-use of Student, Parent, Staff, Donor, and Alumni data instead of feeling swamped by it. Membership Keeper is actually fun to use and many enthusiastic high-fives have been exchanged during training sessions.   Membership Keeper is essential for being super productive.


Swap Keeper is a fully unlocked FileMaker┬« Pro template created by a Babysitting Co-Op Coordinator to track service-bartering points as well as points for coordinating and throwing parties! Creating a service-bartering co-op is a great way to meet other people with similar needs and skills such as child care, elder care or pet care. If you have a group of friends that you trust and wnat to support, start a co-op!  Swap Keeper comes complete with ready-made forms and a draft set of cooperative rules.