Should you trust your data to a wholly web-based solution?

Our solutions are databases that work on the web giving you the best of both worlds. Consider the following:

Ownership of Data Framework: Control the data AND the data framework. If you want to customize it, archive it, or create new reports, you can! If you are not happy with a web-based solution's attributes, you're stuck with an export of your data and no framework. Not very useful...

Independence from Internet Access: Our solutions do not rely completely on an internet connection like web-based solutions. With our solutions, you can work on the source file offline, you can be working on an upgrade offline and switch files when your new set of data (like a  new school year of data) or customizations are ready. Can't do that a web-based solution.

Security of Data: With wholly web-based solutions, it is super easy for users to share passwords, sometimes with unfortunate outcomes. With our solutions, you can choose whether or not to put your data on the internet and how much of it is accessible on the internet.

Customization: Our solutions are built on FileMaker® Pro, known as the most user-friendly Desktop Database software. Ease-of-use is a hallmark of FileMaker® Pro.

Ability to Archive Data with Data Framework: Because with our solutions you own both your data and the framework it is in, you can keep fully-functioning copies of your archive data. With a wholly web-based solution you are likely to end up with just an tab-delimited export of your data. For example, you might want to keep a copy of each school year's data in it's framework so you can still run the reports that you depend on, especially when gleaning alumni data.





David Poole

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Athletic Boosters

"Membership Keeper is just what we needed for the Maggie Walker Athletic Boosters. The integration with PTSA's list has saved hours of data entry. And the reports make it a snap to create lists for targeted emails. The best part is it's so easy to use. That means that my search for my successor is no longer limited to those with database expertise."

Joy Weir

Mary Munford Elementary School

PTA School Directory Volunteer

"This software creates a really nice directory for our school that allows for every different type of family scenario and all possible data to be entered."

Ron Worley

Worley Associates - Architects


"Our fifteen person architectural firm has been actively using Integratis software since 2001.  We have integrated this A/E firm management program into our everyday usage at the office, and have found it to be extremely effective in streamlining the many data intensive activities associated with operating a professional design firm.

In particular, I personally have been very pleased with how Integratis has helped in the following ways:

  • Saves time and frustration by keeping up-to-date project information at the fingertips of every member of the firm.

  • Improves office procedures, such as standardizing and tracking project correspondence.

  • Facilitatestime-tracking by creating accurate Project Time Logs instantly, and makes it easy for staff to enter correct phases of service into their time sheets.

  • Consolidates all of our contact information (both firm & personnel) so that addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address and websites are always current and accurate.

  • Simplifies the delegation of mundane tasks, like e-mailing digital files to consultants, to less experienced staff.

Integratis has fluidly integrated features that are of significant benefit to the operation and management of professional design firms.  Integratis Inc. has my compliments on developing such a successful, all-in-one package."

Shannon Gingras

Mary Munford Elementary School

PTA School Directory Chairperson

"Lesley for President! Thank you for all of your help with the Mary Munford directory! I couldn't have done it without you and I so appreciate your knowledge and availability!"

Valerie Amirault Cao

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Volunteer Coordinator

"Membership Keeper has been a lifesaver this year. As the Volunteer Coordinator, I have ALL the school's volunteer information at my fingertips. In one place, volunteer information can be updated, exports created, directories created, searches completed, emails created and sent, etc. with ease. The options are limitless."

Pronounced in·teg'ra·tis, Integratis Inc. first created Project Ally to help design professionals manage their business with ease. Project Ally was created by an architect, for architects, and was refined by a team of experienced architects. Design professionals depend upon Project Ally to simplify their work, save time and promote accuracy.

I recognized the need for Projecy Ally while I was an intern architect. After graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Architecture (with an emphasis in computing) from Virginia Tech, I was shocked and disappointed to discover how little time architects are able to devote to design; information management takes up at least 90% of an architect's time (or, at least, it seems that way). Luckily, in 1994 I happened upon a copy of Filemaker Pro 2.0 and decided, "Hey, a database would save us a lot of time and give us a better product. And then I can spend more time on design!" Now I want to share my knowledge and continuing efforts with you.

Since my days as an intern architect, I have become a Registered Architect, have received a MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia, worked as a marketing database consultant, and continue to pursue my architectural endeavors. All of my experience has been integrated into my solutions.

"We help simplify work, save time and promote accuracy."

My hope is that Project Ally will give talented young designers the courage to strike out on their own, small architectural firms better resources to compete with larger firms, and all firms more time to devote to good design. My ultimate goal is for design professionals not to be judged by how well they manage information, but on how well they design our communities.

As a parent, I also have created solutions for my community: SwapKeeper (service bartering cooperative management software) and Membership Keeper (designed for Parent Teacher Assocations, churches and more).

Please feel free to explore our web site and find out more information about our products and the services we offer. Then, contact us to find out more! Thank you for your time and interest in our software solutions.

Sincerely yours,

Lesley Anne Paiva, RA, MBA

President & CEO

Integratis Inc.

Richmond, Virginia, USA